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Social Responsibility

We are part of the environment in which we work and develop. We are responsible for the condition of the soil, nature and people.

We strictly comply with all international requirements and standards for the purity of the product.

We are active members of society - we participate actively in social events and help those in need - the people of the towns and villages that we visit.

We are partnering with donor foundations having experience, ability and reputation.

We care about the impact of our social investment.


TRI.ART FOOD COMPANY opened a pensioner’s club in the village of Kunino. On August 31, 2015 a pensioner's club was opened in the village of Kunino, Municipality of Roman. We renovated and furnished the pensioner's club together with collected donations from the "Our parents" fund of the "Help for charity in Bulgaria” foundation.





TRI.ART FOOD COMPANY supported the second edition of the Marathon of Friendship in Pleven, which was  held on May 17, 2015.





TRI.ART provided health check-ups for elderly people from villages in northwestern Bulgaria - Murchevo, Draganitsa and Kunino. This was a collaboration with Agro Santia Ltd., "Alexandrovska" University Hospital and the "Help for charity in Bulgaria" foundation.