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About us

TRI.ART FOOD COMPANY is a virtual holding company which performs the centralized management activities of the two largest companies "Agro Santia" Ltd. and "Agro Santino" Ltd. The companies are specialized in agriculture and food. The main activity of "Agro Santia" Ltd. and "Agro Santino" Ltd. is carried out in the area of ​​Northwest and North-central Bulgaria. We till over 13 500 hectares of rented land and produce about 60 thousand tons of cereal, oil and industrial crops per year which are sold to traders and manufacturers in the country and abroad.


  • till rented land
  • buy agricultural land
  • produce cereals, oilseeds and technical crops
  • produce seasonal vegetables such as:

    potatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, cabbage, broccoli

  • produce pulses like:

    beans and lentils, we import and trade with pulses.

  • produce and sell chamomile and lemon balm in the local market. We offer herbs to foreign partners. We have a substantial area, rented bases and agricultural machinery.

Some of the best agronomists and agro-managers in the country work for us and this allows us to realize above average produce in the country. We produce clean, high quality products and foods.

Based on our experience, our intentions are to develop the production to by-product and final product.

For this purpose we have developed and we are now developing the  brand. We offer this brand to the end user aiming to provide quality food at reasonable prices.