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TRI.ART FOOD COMPANY придоби 50% от капитала на „АГРОЛОДЖИК“ ЕООД

На 21.01.2016 г. „АГРО САНТИНО“ ООД придоби  50 % от капитала на „АГРОЛОДЖИК“ ЕООД. „АГРОЛОДЖИК“ ЕООД е основен производител на картофи в района на Самоков.


(14.05.2016 в 0:03)
I think its colder here, too. we've been shut down for a few days. I think of Mother Nature like a person walking on a balance beam. If you start to fall off to the right, you over compensate to the left to regain your balance.I have no idea if there's any scientific evidence to support that theory, but it seems like what's happening to me.It's too warm, so when she can, Mother Nature ovenmocpersates by freezing out the parasites. us.
(14.05.2016 в 1:03)
ich pimpe reälmgeßig mein Smartphone und jetzt auch meine Media Box (längerer Beitrag dazu dieser Tage). Der KP wird da nicht mein dritter Spielplatz.
(14.05.2016 в 7:01)
...:wuih menggoda iman beneran deh ini <a href="http://jjbcujxcltj.com">teaa.ikinyry.</a> btw, itu sayap digoreng dulu kah baru dibumbuin atau langsung?.. teriyaki emang khasnya di saus sama bawang bombay yang banyak
(15.05.2016 в 9:25)
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(18.05.2016 в 3:25)
I am not a fan of Trinh Hoi, but I admire his work. Looks like Mr. Long Hung is just bitter that he is not getting the attention for his charity work. The whole purpose of being involve in charity is to be humble and not point out how much you do for others. Trinh Hoi deserves his publicity for his work. No need to bring up the fact that you are an Engineer because it&#8217;s irrelevant to this diuosssicn. http://scclrclt.com [url=http://jvzonsilo.com]jvzonsilo[/url] [link=http://pfpdxkhbad.com]pfpdxkhbad[/link]
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